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The primary curriculum at MLS ,Wakad aims to provide a broad learning experience and encourages a rich variety of approaches to teaching and learning that cater for the different needs of individual children. Our children learn together collaboratively as  a collaborative environment is the most fertile one for learning to grow.  We educate the students according to the abilities, background and potential of each individual.

 Academics: The curriculum aims to:

  • develop each child’s potential to the full
  • encourage a love of learning
  • help children develop skills and competencies they will use all their lives.

The curriculum is presented in seven areas, some of which are further subdivided into subjects. These are:




 iv) Arts Education

 v)Physical Education

 vi)General Knowledge

  vii) Information Technology (IT)


MLS , Wakad follows the Continuous Evaluation round the year  in the  form of school work, projects, group discussions, presentations, talk shows  and other scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of students’ growth and development. This helps the students and parents to understand the child’s growth in all parameters and work on the areas of weakness


We conduct regular co curricular activities to hone the skills of the students. The students take part in regular activities and competitions. These activities are an integral part of the holistic development of the child..


The school students are taken on regular educational field trips in line with the course content. This helps the students learn about the topic in an integrated manner and about the world. These trips also develop their confidence and communication skills.



The MLS students are educated about the Human Rights and Values as part of the HRE Club Organised in collaboration of with Amnesty International. The staff and students are actively engaged in activities and trips to old age home, orphanage etc to sensitize them about the right to living with dignity and respect for all  and to develop their critical thinking skills and concern or empathy 


Digital Citizenship Program (DCP) is the part of academic excellence in MLS. This program addresses the 21st century skills and is aligned to the ESP as well through digital media literacy. Digital Citizenship aims to teach responsible, safe and ethical use of technology.

Digital Citizenship program will be a separate program that will be divided into various sessions across grades




Our School aims to achieve a broad and balanced school curriculum regularly making reference to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development formed by UN which include a set of 17 goals to Fight inequality and injustice,  Clean Water and Sanitation, Gender Equality, Quality Education and Good Health and Well-being and the SDGs link easily to these.


German Hobby Club is introduced for students, parents, working professionals. The club sessions will help developing comprehensive linguistic skills of learners including reading, writing, speaking and listening. These sessions will also ensure effective application of technology and overall development of language skills.



MLS Sports Club is introduced this year which includes various sports like Basketball, Football, Table Tennis which will keep our students engaged with physical activities.



SCIENCE  EXPLORATORY will help our children to perform well in their school curriculum various competitive exams and projects. This will ignite their curious mind and will make them to ask questions like what how when and why. This will help them to understand basic fundamentals, spark their imaginative, develop rational thinking and build confidence within them.


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